Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adventure #5: Annecy

One thing I (and a certain phantom) love/hate about Baton Rouge is that everyone seems to know everyone. Thought I would escape that for a year but it turns out that even France is a small world. Ashley, a fellow Louisianianne assistant I met this summer lives with a friend of one of my new Besançon friends. So, two Louisiana assistants have each befriended two Northern Ireland assistants independently of each other, in France. This = small world + a reason to visit another town! Consequently, Laura, the Northern Ireland to my Louisiana, and I hopped on a train to Annecy this past weekend (whim!).

Annecy is just too cute for words. Tucked into the French Alps, it reminded me a lot of my Barcelonnette days. I loved the little canals running through the town with the sweet little bridges over them. There’s just something picturesque and lovely about bridges, right? The views of the snow-capped mountains from these bridges didn’t hurt either. But what I loved most was how colorful it is. Surrounded by all the buildings bathed in pinks or yellows or blues, I never realized how monochromatic Besançon is before. They also have such a fun little group of assistants to hang out with too, most of them are from the UK (in fact, my friend Ashley was the only American I met there) and they all seemed so fun and sophisticated. It was really great to see another town and get a glimpse at another assistant’s experience. Ashley’s outgoingness has inspired me to try to do more things. She sings in a church choir and is looking into taking language classes. I’ve always been a joiner so why not join some French things myself? The question is just… what? I’ll keep you posted.

Hopefully Lynsey and Ashley will make a visit to Besancon soon so Laura and I can return the favor! All in all it was just the perfect, chill, little visit with walks around the town, homemade French-inspired meals, and the girls were sweet and gracious hostesses. See here for some pictures, isn’t it adorable?

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