Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Adventure #8: Salzburg

OK, so Mom and I have officially started our Christmas European vacation. I'm short on time and internet is touch-and-go so in lieu of actual posts I've fleshed out the pictures gallery with more informative comments. Click here and enjoy!
I found it a little strange to see her again, I guess I've gotten so used to my life here having the two worlds merge took some getting used to. But after a few hours we (well, mostly me) were talking away and everything was back to normal. In general, I like Austria. It's beautiful, the people are nice, and their side salads are ten times better than the French.
p.s. I've also finally loaded pictures of my town at Christmastime. I meant to do an actual post, but never got around to it... so here they are!
p.p.s. Just discovered that I had a little movie clip on my camera from The Sound of Music Tour. A clip of the snowy landscape for which the bus tour conveniently provided background music.

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  1. I think that video might be better than "The Sound of Music."