Monday, April 26, 2010

Stay Tuned!

I'm having some tecnical difficulties with my internet and haven't be able to be very prudent with updating this or my pictures. But with stolen moments online at school, at wi-fi spots, and at friends' I'll slowly but surely get y'all informed of my spring vacation adventures. I have some pictures loaded already but check back in soon for the rest of them and for my oh-so-witty captions.
I'm in the middle of my last week of teaching and things are busy, getting prepared to leave and trying to spend time with everyone before we part. CRAZY that this is almost all over...

Accompanying words to come soon...

1 comment:

  1. Connie, just looked thru all your pics and had so many things to say I cannot even remember them all! First, I like your "blue shutters" series, why did you decide to seek out blue shutters? Second, I've also been to Cezanne's studio and I'm pretty sure I have a picture of that same cat whom Tyler (I think it was him) was petting! Third, I like your "spot the American" series. Fourth, hilarious pictures of Ben (enough said). Fifth, I cannot wait to go to Marseille now! Sixth, I've stolen some pretty ones (flowers, shutters, pebbles) to keep for myself because they were beautimous. Cannot wait to read about it all