Monday, July 19, 2010

Adventure #25: Getting Back

(First of all, how cool is it that my “adventures” made an even 25?)

Two months ago today I arrived back in the states. Just as the previous eight before it, they went by pretty quick. With the help of my brother, his fiancée, and a few friends back home, I managed to pull off my return as a surprise for my parents. Totally worth it. I’m so glad to be nestled once again in the comfort of my family and friends and am enjoying being back in South Louisiana.

So I caught a lot of flack in France for maybe talking a bit too much about Louisiana, my family (especially my dad) and LSU, but being away has made me look at my home with new eyes. And guess what? It IS something worth talking about. Obviously I am biased and I totally admit it, but in all seriousness, Louisiana has so many things about it that make it unique from all the places I’ve seen so far. I’m very proud to call it my home and even prouder to actually have the heritage to back it up too. It's like a bonus.

People have been asking me if I’ve had the time of my life, and to be honest, I have no idea. I’ve never really liked that term, just as I’ve always had problems with the whole “Carpe Diem” concept. (You just can’t carpe every diem...) I feel as though calling one part of your life “the time” of your life means the rest, what? Sucks? Don’t’ get me wrong, I know this was an amazing, incomparable opportunity for which I’m incredibly grateful but does that mean the rest of my life will pale in comparison?

Granted, coming home was a bit bittersweet. Just as I felt a bit homesick about missing people and things while I was in France, I’m now a bit heartsick about missing people and things from France. Throughout all the things I’ve done and experienced, whether it’s schools, camps, organizations, trips, etc. what I always enjoy most, remember most, and miss most are the people I met during the doing and experiencing. This was no different. I was blessed to have met so many amazing people and double blessed to have so many amazing people to come home to.

And then there’s the whole job thing. And by “thing” I mean not having one, at least a real, big-girl job. But still, I think (or at least hope) that my life will just increase exponentially from here on out (or at least remain constant). I’m choosing to believe that figuring out what to do next will be exciting… am I naïve? Probably.

In fact, I’m reminded of a scene in the fifth season of “The Hills” (thanks again, Elizabeth!). Like myself, our heroine Lauren Conrad was at a pivotal point in her life and wasn’t sure what her next step would be. During a heart-to-heart, her boss Kelly Cutrone told her that some of the most special times in her life was when she didn’t have laid-out plans. She then proffered a quote in French (connection!): “Je voudrais flâner avec toi.” According to Kelly, and verified by, “flâner” means to stroll or wander aimlessly. So I might be wandering aimlessly for awhile… but if it’s good enough for LC then who am I to complain?


  1. I'm STILL confused by that damn phrase, "Je voudrais flâner avec toi". I mean literally it seems to mean "I would wander with you". So how the heck does it keep being quoted with the meaning of "Planning means to walk around aimlessly with out a plan"? Is it like a phrase similar to "Garcon Manque?" like we would say tomboy? I feel like the Hills got this all wrong and it makes me sad...

  2. Hello Connie! I've been reading some of your posts and watching your pictures 'cause i'm going to Besançon next month and I discover your page! I've seen you were living in the "foyer soleil", I have to decide wheter to life there wheter to life on an individual room in the main foyer... Which was your experience???
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    I would appreciate it! and thank you very much!!!