Friday, January 1, 2010

Adventure #10: Lucerne

For Christmas, I got a little iPod shuffle that my brother Timmy loaded with songs for me. On the train to Lucerne I listened to Alan Jackson, Nickelback, and the LSU Pregame, a pretty unique soundtrack to the views of snow-capped mountains and tiny Swiss and Austrian villages. Haha, I LOVED it!

Lucerne was special. The inspiration of my mom’s whole trip out here was actually my grandmother, Mattie Ruth. She adored Switzerland and visited it eight or nine times just since I knew her. Mom and I never took the chance to go with her so we made this one in memory of her and tried to trace her footsteps a bit. We even stayed in the same Lucerne hotel she did and visited the same gift store (Casagrande) where she always bought her presents for us. It was nice to see those same bags Mat carted home full of Toblerone bars (even though we could buy them in Baton Rouge she swore they were “fresher” brought straight from Switzerland) and I even recognized some of the knick-knacks and jewelry as things I have back stashed home, gifts from her. I like to think that she’d be especially proud of me for being here and she would have definitely been the first to visit and we would sure have had some fun! She was some lady… and became an important influence in my life.

I think Lucerne has been my favorite. (Already, Salzburg seems like SO long ago…) I’m not sure if it was the mountains, the colorful and detailed architecture, or the connection with Mat, but I loved it. It turned out to be a nice place to pass my birthday, too! Have a look at the pictures… it was hard to not take pretty ones!

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