Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defining Normal.

2010 has been a bit busy so far, mom left and got home safe and I’ve been getting things back to normal… haha, normal. My definition of “normal” has changed in the last four months and how much it will continue to change at this time in my life, even once I get home. I suppose I now define “normal” as being the only American in my building, relying on buses and walking to get everywhere, teaching children mostly of North African descent, dealing with yet appreciating the snow, using Facebook chat almost daily, wearing leggings under my jeans, and a million other little things that I’ve accepted/embraced in my new little life here. Oh, and everything’s in French. I’m at the halfway point in my contract and if the past four months are a precursor, then the next four are going to fly by SO quickly, but hopefully be amazing. With every New Year comes resolutions and mine include saving money and traveling wisely as well as figuring my life post-France. Because this current brand of normalcy is only going to last until April, I’m going to have to find a new one. I guess I should consider this exciting, right? Since I’m on the brink of the rest of my life and all… scary though, too. The decisions I make now could possibility determine what my normal is for the next fifty or so years. A bit intense, no?

But in the meantime, I owe y’all some pictures and things. Click here for our last week of our vacation that includes Mom’s stay in Besançon bookended with some nights in Paris. I was kind of over the whole “taking pictures” thing at that point and we did Paris very slow and lazylike but I promise we saw all the big highlights anyway. You can Google image Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower if you really need to know what they look like. Also, I’d recommend checking out the Besançon at Christmastime folder to see some pictures of the Christmas Party at my school (that was indeed over a month away… sorry for the tardiness). More to come soon. PROMISE!


  1. Thanks for the pics, Connie! I showed my mom some of them...maybe she'll take courage from your mom & come visit me when I go live abroad! :)
    I like your "normalcy" theme...we need our "normal" atmosphere shaken up sometimes. Simultaneously scared and excited is a good description-- I can relate. Here's to a bright future, and hoping that the "defrost" will work on the windshield of the present!

  2. I loved your post...and I agree that it can be so scary and exciting at the same time when you change the routine. Once in a while it's good to see something new and unexpected. It makes you so much more humble and appreciative of family and friends, people and cultures, languages and's so much fun.

    I am so glad you're having such a great time. I miss you, but I am happy for you.